Welcome to Bonfire, Holly!

This week, we’re welcoming a few wonderful people to the Bonfire team. Yesterday we profiled Aleisha Bosch, our new Account Manager, so today we’ve given a similar questionnaire to Bonfire’s new Graphic Design whiz Holly MacDonald. Get to know Holly a bit more below….

Where were you born?

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, although the rest of my siblings were born in Nova Scotia, which is where our family is originally from. As for where I grew up — I spent a lot of my childhood in Vermont and Wisconsin, but since my family moved back to Canada in 2010 I’ve spent time in Amherst, Charlottetown, Toronto and Moncton. Looks like my next stop is Saint John!

What’s your educational background?

I graduated from Holland College in 2015 with a degree in Graphic Design. Funnily enough, I wasn’t originally interested in Graphic Design courses — when I first went off to school, I was enrolled in a Wildlife Conservation Technology program!

In your opinion, what’s the key to great design?

There have been so many changes over time to the definition of what “great design” is, but I would say one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of layout.

What’s your favorite wintertime activity in the Maritimes? How about summertime?

In the wintertime, I like to go snowshoeing! My training in Wildlife Conservation and ability to recognize tracks and other signs of animals really comes in handy on the trails. During the summer, I like to go kayaking whenever I can — I love the speed of it and there’s always lots of incredible nature to observe.

What’s the best trip you’ve taken over the past five years?

My sister and I both graduated the same year, so after graduation we went on a trip around the British Isles (and stopped by Iceland on the way there too!) I loved the food, but I especially enjoyed two VERY British experiences we had: hiking through Edinborough sheep fields with a picnic lunch packed from JK Rowling’s favorite haunt The Elephant House, and taking a Game of Thrones-themed tour in Ireland. So much history and nerdy stuff, and I even got to meet the direwolves!

If you could tell a non-Islander one thing about P.E.I., what would it be?

A lot of our food is local and we’re very proud of that fact. Since the Confederation Bridge only opened in the 90s, Islanders couldn’t rely on importing mainland food to sustain themselves, particularly over the winter months. That practice of self-reliance continues today — we definitely love our farmers!

Quick hitters! Tea or coffee?

Definitely coffee. I used to work at Starbucks so I know how to make all sorts of fancy schmancy drinks!

Cats or dogs?

Dogs all the way! I’m that person that would cross the street to pet a dog. My best friend is Bonnie, our family golden retriever who just turned 15. (Editor’s Note: Holly had a caveat accompanying this answer — her two year old parakeet Blue has a problem with the narrow phrasing of the question. So do all of her future birds.)

Morning person or Night owl?

Night owl by far

Fish and Chips or Lobster Roll?

I am the weirdo in my family because I don’t like seafood at all.

Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?

I only use Snapchat to spam people pictures of my bird, so Instagram for sure. I like the community, and it’s been great for freelance work.

Best beach in P.E.I. — Cavendish, Brackley, Cabot or none of the above?

None of the above! Basin Head in Souris for sure. Beautiful nature, nice sand, and a low bridge that we’re not supposed to jump off of but everyone does. It’s worth a visit anytime you’re out there — trust me!

Sean Ridder